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Our pro boxing coaches create daily workouts that condition your entire body - all for free. These workouts are improved with Corner's punch trackers and a punch bag, but are designed to  be enjoyed without.  

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Ringside - how it works & how to get involved

For all the information you need, check out our 4-step explainer below. We currently post all 40-min workout videos on our Facebook community group, which we'll soon be building into our website. To view our workouts, you'll need to join it.


1. Provide your email to receive necessary info and a Corner discount

We'll email you your Corner boxing trackers discount code and all the information you need to succeed with Ringside. We won't pepper you with marketing junk.

2. Join our Ringside Community Facebook group to view our workouts

Currently, we post all of our workouts in our Ringside Community Facebook group. You'll need to join this to get involved. Follow the link below.

3. Do as many of our daily workouts as you'd like - with or without equipment

You don't need any equipment or corner's punch trackers, though they are recommended. Just do a few workouts, see what you think, and post any questions or recommendations you have in our community group.

4. Enhance your workouts with Corner's trackers (using your 10% discount)

When you're ready, enhance your workouts with Corner's punch trackers. You'll be able to buy these for £79 (RRP £89) using your Ringside discount. These will really motivate you, allowing you to measure your performance against yourself and other Ringsiders.

Meet your pro coach: Dom Felix


Meet Dom, our principal coach and former boxing professional. Don't let his big grin and tongue-in-cheek humour fool you: he's intent on technique and a full-body burn. Having spent the past few years running some of London's best boxercise classes, such as Kobox, Core Collective and BXR, he knows a thing or two about a great workout.

Favourite workout song: Starlight

Killer combo:

Fitness motivation:
The endorphins

Our 40-min workout structure


- 5 mins: simple yoga-based warm up
- 30 mins: 8 rounds of high-intensity boxing and cardio (designed for all fitness levels)
- 5 mins: simple yoga-based warm down

Tried, tested and improved over time, the Ringside workout has been carefully curated to condition the entire body whilst allowing that much needed stress release. Believing flexibility is paramount to a healthy body and mind, we've also incorporated fundamental principles of yoga into our stretching routines.

Our coaches have a vast range of drills to cycle through, so no two workouts will be the same. And if you've got something you'd like us to try or to improve - we're here to listen. Just get it down in the community group and we'll be sure to follow up.

Thanks to Corner's market-leading punch tracking technology, Ringside members can track their performance during our workouts, with punch count, work rate, speed and power displayed in real-time on the free Corner app.

You will also see a leaderboard for each workout and have the option to compare your stats with previous results. At the end of the workout, you will be able to explore in-depth performance stats to help you improve and stay motivated.

If you don't want these stats to be seen by other Ringsiders - that's fine. It's up to you.

You can wear the trackers either in the wrist band Corner provides, or in your hand-wraps.  Just download Corner's free app and get moving to any of Ringside's free workouts.
To get your trackers, sign up to Ringside for your Corner discount code and follow the purchase link above.

See how the pros use Corner:

What do Ringsiders say?


Mikela - *****

"Amazing hands down. I never write reviews, but Ringside really deserves it. The trainers are amazing, the technique is sound, and it's very easy to learn. I initially begun just doing the free workouts and later bought the punch trackers. Knowing how many punches I've thrown and at what speed keeps me so motivated. I'm honestly blown away."

Aaron - *****

"I've been boxing on and off since I was 16.
Off was always due to boxing fees. While gym memberships were always reasonable, the trainer fees on top of that would always burn a whole in my pocket. Ringside and Dom (one of Ringside's trainers) has made it so convenient to get all the benefits of boxing with a trainer at a gym but at a fraction of the price."